Like Gaijatra it also heralds a week of religious and cultural festivity in Kathmandu. There are several foci of this festival. On the night when this festival begins, members of the family in which death has taken place within one year go round the town limits of Kathmandu burning incense and putting lamps along the route. The same morning a tall wooden pole representing the standard of lndra, the king of gods is erected in front of the Hanuman Dhoka Palace. Wooden statutes of lndra and large wooden masks of Bhairav are put on display in the old bazaar. Several groups of religious dance like the Devinach, Majipat Lakhe, Bhairav and Bhakku and Mahakaii Nach come into life during this week. The week also commences the dragging of chariots of Ganesh, Bhairav and Living Goddess Kumari in Kathmandu.