Sri Panchami

Sri Panchami announces the advent of the spring season in Nepal. On this day a religious function known as Basanta Shrawan is held at the court-yard of Hanuman Dhoka Palace. On this occasion Geet Govinda (Verses written by Poet Jaya Dev) is recited by the royal priest and hymns are sung by a concert of musician in accompaniment with musical instruments. His Majesty the King graces the function.

It is the day consecrated to honor Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of learning, throughout Nepal. Saraswati shrines all over the Kingdom are filled with the crowd of school children and other students on this day. Goddess Saraswati reigns over the realm of speech, letters, arts and sciences, and all her tools are worshipped accordingly, pens, ink, books, pencils, and spinning wheels. Around the city are seen numerous wedding processions. Saraswati temples at Swayambhu and Neel Saraswati at Gairidhara are worth visiting during the morning.