Urban Development Projects

1. Promotion of waste separation system, Composting and recycling system - GTZ / CDIA

2. Improvement of intersections and access roads, Construction of parking facilities and promotion of greenery and parks, waste water treatment plant (pilot project), Rehabilitation of monuments and temples along Bishnumati River and planned Housing Project - GTZ / Stuttgart City / CIDA

3. Additional Roads along bank of Bishnumati River (excluding present Bishnumati link road alignment) connecting Balaju Ring Road (North) and Teku (South) - European Commission

4. Land pooling projects with contribution from local communities / land owners, KMC and international funding agencies - CIDA (city development initiative for ASIA, GTZ/ADB/SIDA/KFW

- Promotion of planned Housing Projects (focusing low and middle income people) in Kathmandu to discourage prevailing unplanned / haphazard urban expansion - KMC

- Preparation of new digital map with all the urban information of Kathmandu Metropolitan City- completed

5. Implementation of parking projects in the city centre of Kathmandu (three sides of Khula-Manch and the area south of existing Mahankal parking. Other proposed area - Lainchour, Election Commission premise, Social welfare premise - CIDA

- Objective is to eliminate haphazard on street parking in Sundhara, Khichapokhari, Dharmapath, New road, Bishal Bazaar, Bhotahity, Jamal, King's Way, Kamaladi etc

- To improve air and noise pollution, traffic conjunction, and comfortable movement of passerby, maintains aesthetic beauty of commercial and historic centres

- To promote the idea of keeping world heritage sites and Thamel area a vehicle restricted and pedestrian zone in future

6. Bishnumati and Bagmati Environmental Projects - proposal submitted to European Commission

7. Construction of 200 beds Metropolitan Hospital (Tentative Cost Estimate Rs. 60 crore) and Janapath School, Balkhu (Tentative Cost Estimate Rs. 2.5 crore) - Proposal to be sent to Indian Embassy

8. Kamalpokhari, Balaju Environmental Improvement Project (Parks, Greenery and other infrastructure services) KMC / Private Sector

9. Sustainable urban infrastructure projects - UNESCAP

10. Review, analysis/ evaluation of the urban development studies (city development strategy report and others) by CDIA and implementation of urban projects through fund made available from international funding agencies

11. Newa Cultural Mueseum

12. Re-development of Old bus terminal at Ratnapark

13. Teen-Kune development project (Park, Greenery, underground parking and commercial shops)